At Macleem Sports, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent for the customer so that you have a seamless ordering experience with us.
Please select from the following two design options so that we can proceed with your ordering process that best suits your organization’s needs:
1. Choose a Template Option (free of charge)
  • We will send you 3 contemporary templates to choose from that have been created by our Lead Designer, and you select one of the templates.
  • We will place your logo, team name and colors onto your chosen template.
  • Absolutely NO modifications to templates permitted.
2. Sneak Previews Option (available at a rate of $45.oo per customized design)
  • We will create an original jersey/apparel design for your organization based on your specifications.
  • You will get “a sneak peak” at the initial design and can make up to 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Further modifications after 2 revisions will incur an additional charge ($15 per additional revision)
Estimated turnaround time on Option #1 is one business day, and on Option #2 is 2 to 5 business days.

Please provide us with some information about your organization’s apparel needs so that we can have a productive first discussion at your earliest convenience:

Click this link to download the form shown below.


Preferred Mode(s) of Contact:

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  1. What products are you interested in?
  Product   Interested?
  Jersey / uniforms   Yes  /  No
  Tees   Yes  /  No
  Shooting shirt   Yes  /  No
  Bags   Yes  /  No
  Socks   Yes  /  No
  Other (please specify)   Yes  /  No


  1. Team / Organization Information:
  Team Name
  Mascot / Logo (if available)


Return this form by email to and a Macleem Sports representative will contact you within one business day.